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Control System:

  • ABB offers the largest product range: Industrial Control Products, Motor Control and Protection Devices, Automation Controls & Components, Terminal Blocks, Contactors, Motor Starters, Softstarters,
  • Electronic & Mechanical Relays, Power Supplies, Sensors, Wireless Devices, Timers and Control Relays. These products are designed for NEMA & IEC applications with UL & CSA approvals & CE declarations.
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Low Voltage Products & System:

  • Our unique offering of electrical control and protection products enable our customers to significantly reduce panel costs and meet global electrical standards.

  • ABB's Low Voltage Products Selector (US market) features detailed specifications on more than 40,000 industrial controls and circuit protective devices.
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  • ABB is a major transformer manufacturer throughout the world
  • offers both liquid-filled and dry-type transformers as well as services for complete life-cycle support, including replacement parts and components.
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  • AC drive technology extends the motor speed range from zero to high above the rated speed, increasing the productivity of the driven process.
  • When a low capacity is enough, the drive reduces the machine speed and saves energy.
  • PDF - ABB Drives Brochure abbdrives

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Disconnect Switches:

  • Are typically used in Food and Beverage Processing applications as a mian disconnecting means;
  • OSHA Lock OUT/Tag OUT devices to isolate a load for maintenance, service or repair; or as the NEC required motor disconnect upstream from motor.
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  • ABB offers a comprehensive range of reliable and high efficiency motors and generators for all applications.
  • Combining the best available materials with superior technology, the electric motors and generators are designed to operate reliably, and to have low life cycle costs.
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  • CL range logic relays are suitable for small and medium-sized control tasks
  • They can be used for applications in control as well as for timing functions in buildings, lighting systems, air-conditioning systems, mnay more or as stand-alone control module for small applications.
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Jokab Safety:

  • We offer a complete range of safety products, designed to make your machine safety system easy to build. We develop these innovative products continuously, in cooperation with our customers.
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