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  • Specifically designed for use in sanitary washdown production environments, particularly food and beverage manufacturing,
  • WATERSHEDⓇ Enclosures feature a sloped top, sloped door edges, bullet-style hinges and additional unique features that facilitate washdown runoff
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Sanitary Enclosures

Sanitary Enclosures:

  • Specifically designed to house process control equipment in sanitary washdown environments, particularly food and beverage manufacturing.
  • The enclosure features many clean design elements and meets Type 4X and IP69K requirements for high-pressure, high-temperature washdown applications.
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Wireway image


  • Hoffman's wireway and trough products are used in commercial and industrial environments to provide a fast, flexible method of distributing power and to control wiring.
  • Hoffman has just the products you need to design a flexible and easy to install cable pathway system.
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Free Stand image

Free-Stand Mount:

  • Available with front or front and rear access, these Type 12 enclosures have sturdy unibody construction and flexible internal mounting options.
  • Our revolutionary enclosure solutions ensure reliable performance in a range of extreme conditions.
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Wall Mount:

  • Hoffman excels at modifying and customizing products to your specifications.
  • Contact your local Hoffman sales office or distributor for complete information.
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Cooling Products:

  • Designed to assist you in determining the most suitable choices of air conditioners, heat exchangers or fans for your application.
  • While the newest electronic components pack more power into smaller packages, a new threat to reliable operation is emerging--the electronics themselves.
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